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Framed by King Palms and an ancient deodar, stands this two-story Mediterranean Villa from 1923. The backyard garden itself has four levels leading towards an abundance of flowers, plants, bushes, and trees.

A long arbor stands out separating the open space. A brick walkway leads to the yoga studio and an outdoor kitchen, with an original water fountain on the side. A covered wooden pergola provides the necessary shade and space to dine, relax, read, or listen to the wind chimes. The wind chimes were made by artisans commissioned by the LA Arboretum from wood from fallen trees during one of our major windstorms.

The garden was honored in 2018 by the LA Arboretum - Welcome to the Garden “Where Gardens & Music Flourish Like Never Before”, as described on the wooden chime.

Adjacent to the arbor is a pond framed by large boulders and river rocks, azaleas, Peruvian lilies, and a large stone female statue (a family gift) providing a sense of tranquility. The koi fish swim around and between the water lilies and take advantage of the caverns on the sides of the pond where they can hide from predators.

An Italian marble statue of a beautiful maiden near the pond was purchased in Paris. The formal rose garden contains one hundred rose bushes. As one moves around the garden, the scent of citrus lingers coming from a variety of citrus trees. Other fruit trees will fill baskets later in the year with Fuji apples, avocados, apricots, mission figs, pomegranates, & persimmons. The vegetable garden is towards the end of the property bursting with luscious greens with a compost and potting area at the very end. Nestled underneath the avocado tree is a water fountain in red onyx from New Mexico. As you exit down the driveway, enjoy the view of our beautiful San Gabriel Mountains.


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